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GODSPELL, Lindsay, The Legacy Theatre

PARADE, Mary Phagan, Wallace Buice Theatre Co.

BroadwayWorld Atlanta Regional Awards 2018

"In fact, the cast was chock-full of great talent... Molly Wiley, who played Heather McNamara, had an incredibly moving performance all while playing the ditsy head cheerleader, which sounds ironic but actually works..."

Broadway World Atlanta

"There’s a little theater in Marietta called The Atlanta Lyric Studio Theatre. This intimate space is currently the venue for a story based on true events that occurred in Marietta in 1913. Wallace Buice‘s much-anticipated Parade opened this weekend to sold-out audiences. This show is a hot ticket for good reason... noteworthy performances include Molly Wiley’s haunting portrayal of Mary Phagan..."

Speakeasy Reviews: PARADE

Onstage Atlanta is the city's best kept secret, so put the word out! Heathers was an outstanding performance. Great sound, cast, lights and everything! The actor playing Heather Mac is a mega talent!

C. Rivers, Online Review for OSA


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